wannapreneur to journeypreneur

We left the “comfort” and “security” of our 9-to-5 live-to-work scenario in order to

  • travel more,
  • reclaim health, and
  • to BE with our children

Our finances and our plan would afford us three (3) years outside of the rat-race in order to do just that.

Additionally, we would use the time to reinvent our relationship to value through service. Said another way, to reinvent our relationship to earning.

So, we took the leap even before we could physically see the net.

Such is the philosophy of the JourneypreneurTravel now, monetize eventually.

Or, Embark now, monetize for the long run.

A family of four sits in front of Mount St. Helens

Seeing Mount St. Helens for the first time at age 42 (37, 9, & 7)

wannapreneurial misperception #1

One of the bigger misperceptions which prevented me from taking the leap sooner, was that success as an entrepreneur is defined only by money-profits. I now realize that there are many types of profits to be realized even before money-profits. Knowledge, experience, health, and time with family, to name a few.

I’m in the process of writing a book tentatively titled Journeypreneur because, even before our current leap-before-you-look adventure, we always leveraged resources and opportunities to advance personal and professional development.

A father points out a volcanic island in the middle of crater lake to his children

Looking and learning at Crater Lake

wannapreneurial misperception #2

Another key misperception I had, and now realize isn’t true, is that you need a successful business with predictable passive income in order to get your vagabond on.

I’d always thought that if I could replace my salary using my side-hustle and/or investments, then I’d have the green light (from myself) to make the leap.

What I learned is that you need FAR.LESS.MONEY to live on the road than you do to maintain a home (or apartment) in the USA, or any other western country.

Gold 2006 Toyota Sequoia with cargo platform driving through a forest

the 5th Beatle. 2006 Toyota Sequoia

wannapreneurial misperception #3

For years, we’d imagined that, if only our financial resources were sufficient to take a year or more off, we’d do it in a heartbeat. (One of our life goals was to spend at least a year living and working in Europe). No excuses, no regrets. No looking back.

And yet, even after the die was cast, and we were all but embarked upon a journey that could last at least three years(!) outside the rat race (were we dreaming?!), we still felt a sense of doubt.

The choice to step out of an established career for the sake of sabbatical, to actually go through with it, was ultimately a tough one. We were hesitant, emotionally more than financially.

Circumstances beyond our control – thankfully – helped us break through that veil of doubt in order for us to learn this truth…

There isn’t enough insurance, or assurance, in the world to guarantee your safety, physical, financial, or otherwise. If you care about it, then you better get after it, because this isn’t a trial run.

A family enjoys pie and ice cream in an empty cafe near Redwoods park CA

Pie, ice cream, and conversation near Redwoods CA

saying all that to say…

Is longer-term travel one of your desired outcomes from sharing your passion with the world?

Do you believe that your vision, connections, and capacity would be irrevocably deepened through this type of journey?

Do you know in your heart-of-hearts that if you leap, the net will appear (but you just can’t get yourself to leap)?

If so, you might be a Journeypreneur.

Similar to us, you can use a modest source of savings to create an entire trajectory for your life that is self-fulfilling, including the eventual monetization of your life journey.

Surge wall at Lighthouse Way in Crescent City CA looks like massive concrete "jacks"

Surge wall in Crescent City CA looks like massive concrete “jacks”

what if I can’t (or don’t want to) travel?

The real journey is mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, entrepreneurial. Its been our experience that travel is an incredible catalyst for these spaces. But that is not to say its necessary.

For any number of reasons, you may be unable or unwilling to travel. And that’s OK. You can still be a Journeypreneur, because everyone’s path is unique. That’s the beauty of it.

The journey is an inside job.

A family overlooking Thor's Well on the Pacific coast

Overlooking Thor’s Well on the Pacific coast

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