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3 years experiential and immersive learning ~ living, traveling , and working abroad ~ here's what we learned...

Wherever you go, there you are...

In 2016, we stepped out of a 20-year corporate career (with the same company, that's how you know we're old school) to travel the world, to live and work abroad, and to reconnect with our extended-family while deepening our bond as a nuclear family. We would eventually recalibrate our entire perspective on life, community, occupation, and culture.

We learned a lot along the way - hundreds, maybe thousands, of lessons, big and small. Too many to recount. And yet, a pattern emerged, of integrated principles for learning and development, for leadership and life. Principles which are universal, whether you are  working with students or professionals, leaders or laggards. They work for personal growth, too.

what kind of journey are you on?

Personal Growth

Permission | conversation | service

Permission may be granted at any time. (Better late than never.) Conversation is a catalyst which serves both you and me, and all of humanity, if only just a little. Service gives rise to new levels of permission.


self-direction | inquiry | discovery

Self-direction is a form of allowance. Permission to seek out what wilderness we would explore. (The wilderness of ideas, too.) Inquiry is a two-way street. We converse to learn. Discovery fosters new directions. 

Teams & Enterprises

purpose | Process | people

Our purpose is our primary objective. Our processes are how we do it. Our people are our biggest asset. Engaged by our purpose, the enterprise expands.

”  We will arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.  

While our slow journey focused on guiding and directing, teaching and developing our own children, we realized that the principles underlying the process were the same as when working with teams and enterprises, professionally or in community.

Learning and development, growth and change, culture and communication, leadership and lessons for life.  It was all there, signaling to us. 

Discovering in our personal journey this universal thread was incredibly gratifying. Like delving into the unknown only to find yourself anew.

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

~ t.s. eliot

About us

We're a family of lifelong learners who love to travel. (Or are we lifelong travelers who love to learn? Whatever works!)

By broadening our horizons, we make the unknown known, and wish nothing less for you, too!

A young girl performs a cartwheel in front of sea stacks along the Oregon coastline

Personal growth is at the heart of every journey and characterized by the principles of Permission, Conversation, and Service

As educators - formal or informal - we facilitate learning through the principles of Self-direction, Inquiry, and Discovery

Culture is the foundation of successful teams and enterprises. The components of culture are Purpose, Processes, and People

Want to talk more?

There's no substitute for having a mentor, coach, or ally along your journey. We haven't met a person yet who couldn't benefit from a little guidance rooted in real-life experience.

Whether you're on a professional, educational, family, community, or personal journey, the principles for growth are universal (that's the good news!).

Send us a note about your current project or circumstance and we'll let you know how best we might add value to your journey.

Cultural Advocacy

We are journeyors at heart. We identify as a traveling family, as educators, as corporate sabbatical-takers, and at the end of it all, as cultural advocates.

Cultural advocacy is how world-class cultures are fostered and sustained. Culture is the foundation of growth along any journey - personal, familial, educational, community, professional.

If you are leading a team or enterprise that is preparing for change, or that needs to recalibrate, or reinvigorate, its culture, we can help. 

Visit for additional insights.

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." ~ t.s. eliot

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