Exploring Redwoods national and state parks

Rise of the Journeypreneur

What was formerly Cinder Cone National Monument is now a part of Lassen Volcanic National Park

What do you want for your children? (Lassen Volcanic NP)

A family reads a Pacific coast whale signboard

One diamond, three facets

A massive redwood lying prone on the forest floor resembles a subway train in its scope

Wannapreneur to Journeypreneur

A family walks in North Cascades National Park. Glacier-topped Mount Shuksan is visible in the distance.

Perfectionism is a Disease

Cultural Exchange is the Currency of Couchsurfing

A family overlooks the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado.

Time is the Real Asset

Kids exploring tidal pools on Olympic Peninsula in Washington State

Real Education: Drawing Out Our Children

Inflatable mattresses in the loft a luxury log cabin near Mt. Rainier

Couchsurfing as a Family is Our Superpower

"Niagara of the West," Shoshone Falls is a state park in the city of Twin Falls, Idaho

Twin Falls Idaho

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