P-C-S: an archetype for advancement

Permission-Conversation-Service (PCS) is a framework of principles that are universal to human experience. PCS is a filter through which you can view any human interaction or endeavor. Focusing on PCS may help you :

  • get a raise at work
  • find a spouse
  • save a marriage
  • recover from an illness
  • break into an industry
  • hire the right coach or nanny
  • find more customers
  • increase value for existing customers
  • literally, you name it

PCS is so universal, you can view it working inside a simple process, like establishing a house-chores program with your kids, or getting an employee to stop being late to work. (Are those really simple? :slight_smile: )

Or, you can view it working in large or complex processes, like starting a business, publishing a thesis, or choosing (and succeeding in) a career.

High on a mountain overlooking the pacific ocean

A mountain on the beach

principle = principal

Permission, conversation, and service are principal to every relationship. And they are principles in  relationship.

Principles are objective in nature. Archetypal.

When you (the  subjective subject) contemplate an objective principle, you understand how the objective manifests in your subjective situation.

A wave rolls into a cove along the pacific coastline

Forces compounding exponentially

permission = allowance

Permission is a synonym for allowance. Permission  is what allows things to happen.  Its the space you make, or that gets made for you.


Spoken conversation is powerful, yet not all conversations are vocal.

Some are musical, tactile, tactical, or physical. Some can consist of gaming, dancing, playing. Of buying-and-selling, painting or being-painted. Of interacting.

Its here we mix it up, explore worlds, and get intimate. These are the actions we take to create value for ourselves and others. And all of it is conversation.

service (value, outcome)

Through our conversation, we never stop asking permissionallowing, creating space. Through our conversation, we are served.

New levels of permission are born. New allowances made. Conversations take flight into new levels of service. The pattern repeats.

A flooded beach along the Pacific coastline

Is that a flooded beach below? I can’t even tell what’s going on here

how do I start?

See how many areas of your life – processes, relationships, goals – you can view through the prism of PCS. Overlay it onto any scenario, and see what’s there for you.

PCS isn’t linear. Once you begin to perceive your life through its prism, you’ll find the pattern everywhere. PCS inside of PCS. PCS leading to PCS. Like fractals, the whole is contained in each part. No matter how far you break it down, the pattern is still there.

PCS can appear very complex, even messy. But there is an inescapable simplicity which reveals itself and, hopefully, prompts us forward. Service gives rise to whole new realms of permission.

A lighthouse overlooking tidepools along the pacific coast

‘Tidepools and Lighthouses’ was definitely not a Simon & Garfunkel album

write it out

Another activity would be to simply write about each principle. Each one is powerful unto itself. And because they are facets of one another, it doesn’t really matter where you start.

(And yes, there will be overlap. :slight_smile: )

These prompts may help get you started. But don’t confuse the map for the landscape. Your truth is right in the middle of the whole process.

If the framework helps, lean into it and see what’s there for you. If its not helpful, then abandon it.


  • What permission do I currently lack, which I want to manifest in my life or business?
  • Who’s permission, besides my own, do I need to achieve my strategy?
  • Have I (really) given myself permission to achieve my strategy?


  • What conversation (interaction) do I currently lack, which I want to manifest in my life or business
  • Who can teach me what I need to know in order to achieve my strategy?
  • Who should I be teaching?


  • What is the outcome I seek to create in my life or business?
  • What value do I seek to create for my clients?
  • What is the change I want to see in the world?
  • For whom do I create value?
  • For whom else do I seek to create value?
A man walks along the surge wall at Lighthouse Way in Crescent City CA

Surge wall at Lighthouse Way in Crescent City CA

start with what’s in front of you

There’s an old saying that goes (paraphrasing),

“Embrace what’s in front you, and even that which is hidden will be revealed.”

PCS isn’t linear. Yet there’s always a goal when viewing through its prism. The goal is “point B.” A condition you want to realize in your life, but haven’t, yet.

What’s your point B?

  • If its permission you lack (point B), start then with conversation
  • If conversation (relationship) is your point B, start with service
  • If service (value, outcome) is your point B, start with permission, if only to yourself

Permission to what? To have the outcome you desire. To have conversations that may lead to the outcome.

A family reads a Pacific coast whale signboard

Reading signboards on whales. Minutes later, saw them in real life

one diamond, many facets

Each of the three principles – permission, conversation, service – are like the three sides of a 3-sided coin. Three aspects of a single truth. This is why it doesn’t matter with which principle you start your efforts.

  • Permission is conversation
  • Conversation is service
  • Service is permission
permission (allowance) gives rise to conversation (engagement) which give rise to service (value for you and others)

permission (allowance) gives rise to conversation (engagement) which give rise to service (value for you and others)

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