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Culture is fundamental

Every enterprise has a culture. The enterprise which thinks little of its own culture, usually has a culture by default.

A default culture is neither helpful nor engaging. After all, aren’t you in the business of helping your customers by engaging them? Of helping your employees (who, in turn, help your customers) by engaging them?

If the concept (of serving and engaging your employees, in order to serve and engage your customers) is unfamiliar or uncomfortable to you, then you may have a default culture. But don’t worry, you're not alone. For most teams and organizations, the quality of their culture is somewhere in the middle. After all, isn't that where the truth usually lies?

Transformation (Change) is the critical path

Business transformation (including growth, which is one of the most dynamic forms of change) is the critical path. Believe it or not (and it tends to be uncommon knowledge), an engaged culture is your most powerful lever for affecting positive change.

Business transformation is a journey, and a challenging one, at that. Strategy matters. Execution matters. And yet, culture is the bedrock upon which positive change can take root and flourish. Engagement is the support structure upon which all other initiatives stand.

If your team or enterprise is planning a major change event - or is actively involved in one, now - an unbiased (yet passionate) outsider, acting as engagement champion, as cultural advocate, can add immense value to your change process.


The hidden costs of a default culture

During a key change event, there are a lot of moving parts, and therefore several potential points of failure. For change to succeed, a lot must go right. The biggest lever you have to help reduce the impact of big change on your enterprise - that is, to reduce the depth and duration of the change curve - is to foster and sustain an engaged team culture.

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. A disengaged, or a default culture can lengthen and deepen the impact of the change curve on your business and, in the process, do irreparable harm to your enterprise.

What kind of harm, you ask? Great question.

Missed milestones

Big Change is built on dozens (or hundreds) of smaller processes, deadlines, and deliverables. When the enterprise benefits from an engaged culture, then efficiencies are found all along the way. Where a culture is by default, or worse, disengaged, then efficiencies are lost, and the cumulative effect can be disastrous.

Turnover costs

Change is challenging. And when team members are chronically challenged, without being engaged (i.e., anchored by a sense of ownership), then turnover happens. If you think turnover is expensive during the regular routine of business (and it is), you should try turnover during change. Turnover is expensive anytime, and doubly so during a major change.

Opportunity costs

Some of the most expensive costs associated with having a default or disengaged culture during major change are opportunity costs. That is, the costs associated with missed opportunities during and after your major change event. Particularly, after.

Projections of value for your transformed (post-change) organization are based, in no small part, on the value of tenured and talented leaders who see the change through, and then remain to guide and direct the newly reformed enterprise. However, when culture suffers and engagement wanes, highly-qualified and highly-valued team members may choose to leave, rather than to endure the bumpy road of change.

Choices today create the future

So, there are costs associated to missing milestones, and to turnover of key roles at crucial moments. But it will be the (future) opportunity costs which hurt the most. The loss of tenured and talented team members due to the challenges of change is literally incalculable to the future value of your enterprise.


How can Knari help my business?

Do you remember the story of the canary in the coal mine. In the mines of old, the toxicity of the atmosphere was measured using the very life of the humble but invaluable canary.

If your team or organization is preparing for business transformation, Knari can help minimize the depth and duration of the change curve by leveraging two decades of in-the-trenches organizational development experience, perspective, and insights. We'll serve your enterprise by championing and advocating for your culture to ensure a healthy atmosphere in which the monumental work of change can be accomplished.

Maybe your culture is already highly engaged. Regardless, the road through organizational change is oftentimes bumpy, even for a highly effective enterprise. We help smooth out your road by helping you foster a culture of engagement.

Or, maybe you’ve focused so strongly working IN the business, that you've lacked time and resources to work ON the business. And, as a result, your culture is a culture by default. Or worse, a disengaged culture.

Wherever you are in the change curve - and along your cultural journey - Knari is uniquely qualified to support your change event through the following services:

  • Organizational development
  • Change agency
  • Cultural advocacy
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership focus
  • Team building
  • Quality strategy
  • Talent strategy


Hi, I’m Adam Campbell.

I spent nearly two decades of my career with a Fortune 500 company that is world-famous for its culture, and is characterized by engaged leaders engaging leaders. There is no substitute for a culture of engagement and development. Cultural engagment is the grease that keeps the engine of growth and change moving optimally (or not).

If your organization is preparing for change, please don't underestimate the immense value of getting change right. Nor, should you dismiss the potential catastrophic impact to your business of change gone wrong.

We're here to help. And our commitment is to add unprecedented value to your enterprise through culture-driven leadership. To inquire on project fit and availability, reach us by using the contact form below.